Thursday, 22 December 2016

One year older and cuter too, Happy Birthday to you!!!

Yummy sweet
Do you like cakes? I know it’s a stupid question, because who doesn’t really like sweet.
I am going to teach you to build a delicious sweet at your house for your liked ones.
It’s very simple!

All you need is around 1.5 cup of all purpose flour, 1.5 tsp cooking powder, 3/4th cup of butter, 3 eggs, 1 tsp of vanilla taste flavor, 4 tbsp of milk, 1 cup of glucose.
To begin with, sift the flour along with cooking powder and keep it aside. Add salted butter and glucose to a bowl and mix well .Oops I created mistake its unsalted butter not salted. Can you just think about a salted sweet, you can offer such a sweet to your buddy if you are a prankster hahaha okay jokes apart. Now add eggs to this mixture, delay a second don’t be in a hurry you must add them one by one and not altogether, mix them gently. Be very cautious while handling eggs as they may break and dirty your kitchen. Add the flour mixture, vanilla taste essence and milk and fold. Grease and dust the sweet tin and transfer the batter into it. Prepare it in a pre heated oven at 200°c for around 30 minutes. Keep it aside and allow it to cool and demould it. Don’t forget to wear gloves before you put your hand into the oven.

The real joy lies in not having the sweet you created but in cleaning all the mess you did while which makes it. Ufffff isn’t so tiring and exhausting, sit back and relax for a while. I too felt the same, when I tried to make one. Hmmm I have got a solution for this just login to make an purchase of the best sweet and it will be sent to you at your front door. Wow isn’t that amazing!! They have desserts for all activities be it birthday party or an birthday. What are you still waiting for.

In today’s competitive and fast moving lifestyle I experience there is no way that we can escape from this stressful lifestyle, but of course a few steps of morning walk can be refreshing and energizing. It’s plenty of time the nature is at its best. The dew drops on green and lush grass just looks awesome. Blooming bright and colorful blossoms and chirping sound of the birds add sweetness to air.  The oxygen refreshes our thoughts as well as our body. So I being an IT professional decided to walk every morning around a park near my house t to breathe in some oxygen.

Today, while I was walking I heard something unusual behind the bushes, at first I was scared to go near it because I thought it must some creature, but somehow I gathered courage and took little steps towards it. Guess what it was, Ha-ha it was a cute little boy. He was weeping behind the bushes. He looked at me with his 50 percent opened eyes and as he looked at me tears rolled down his cheeks. His face had almost turned red and his eyes were swollen. I went close to him asked why are you crying, like every other kid these days he ignored me. I sat down with him to make him more comfortable, after a while he stopped crying and told me that his name was cakengift, and he was an orphan.

He told that it was his birthday party nowadays and he didn’t have anyone to appreciate with.  Briefly I turned cold and felt how lucky I was to have kids members these days. So I decided to take off nowadays and invest the whole day with him. I and cakengift had lots of fun the whole day. In the end I wanted to shock cakengift with a sweet so I requested a candy sweet from
I experience nothing these days can replace the pleasure I got in spending the day 

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